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When you think of artificial intelligence (AI), you probably associate it with technologies we haven’t yet reached. It might surprise you, then, to know AIs are here and now, and they can have some high impacts on your marketing strategy. Although we tend to think of AIs being useful as only antagonizing plot devices in science fiction, the reality can be much different. Here’s what to know about Ais in marketing and how you can make the most of them.

What are AIs?

AIs are true to their name – they can be a replacement for activities that require human intelligence. Except that instead of using human reasoning, they use preprogrammed behaviors to solve problems. As you’ll see, this has a wide variety of applications on both small and large scale. But in both cases, AIs can enhance your patients’ journey while saving you valuable resources to apply elsewhere.

How AIs can Transform Your Digital Marketing Strategy

AI programs can do a lot, including streamlining processes and optimizing your marketing campaigns. Most importantly, they can reduce human error and more easily provide the data you need to steer your marketing efforts. Although AIs can’t emulate the realm of human emotion (and don’t underestimate the role this can play in marketing!) they can overcome some human limitations to help you make the best decisions for your practice. Here are just a few ways AIs can be incorporated into your strategy.


One application of artificial intelligence you’re probably already familiar with is chatbots. Attached to websites, chatbots can help filter out common customer questions and guide them through the conversion process. The biggest benefit of these is that they can fill in gaps outside your practice’s hours of operation or free up capacity for employees. Although currently, it may be obvious when you’re conversing with a chatbot, this technology is rapidly changing to better implement artificial intelligence for a more natural and engaging interaction for customers.

Digital Advertising

Advertising, both digital and otherwise, has traditionally relied on creativity to bring in customers. With the advent of the internet, however, it has become more apparent than ever that delivery matters just as much. Targeting potential customers based on variables like location, habits, and profiles can be a big task – and one best suited for artificial intelligence. By relying on AIs to place ads in front of the most relevant and promising customers, you can get the most out of your advertising costs.

Content Curation

AIs can be a valuable part of your content strategy. Although we may not be at a point where AIs can generate convincing content, they can help optimize your efforts and research promising topics to lead your content strategy. Additionally, AIs are one of the best tools available to generate reports on both your content initiatives and potential untapped keywords.

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