What is Parallax Scrolling and Why is it being used?

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Designers are constantly creating new and interactive ways to speak to their website viewers. Parallax scrolling is a function on a website in which two objects on separate layers are moving at different speeds. It creates an effect that “reveals” the next section as you scroll. If designed correctly, you can create a viewer experience that is interesting and informative. When, where, and what is the future for parallax?

1) Should my website have parallax scrolling? 

Using parallax can be really useful in capturing the attention of your user, but you must make sure it serves a purpose. Without a purpose It can distract the user causing them to leave your site because they aren’t finding the information they need. Parallax has been trending for a few years now and when done correctly it creates an interactive and exciting element to an otherwise static design.

It’s important to keep up with the latest trends, but its even more important to stay innovative and push the limits. With ever-changing technology there is always someone creating the next “big thing.” In the design industry you must stay ahead of the game or nothing you do will stand out. Push the limits and don’t be afriad to tread into the open, unknown waters of innovation.


3) Is there a future for parallax scrolling?

Parallax scrolling is a popular effect that you most likely have viewed a time or two, but with any trend it will come to an end. That is why being a successful designer means staying ahead of the curve and making thoughtful decisions that will help the user experience.  

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