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Top of funnel

Marketing Services

Because people looking for pain management are often highly motivated, your potential patients are easy to find. The goal of a pain management marketing company is to ensure nothing happens at the top of the funnel – that is, a person’s first interaction with your practice – to dissuade them from moving forward with you as opposed to going to another provider.

These marketing efforts ensure you are reachable by the most people and their first impressions are as good as they should be.

Making your website 0.1 second faster can increase conversion rates by 5% or more.

Web Design and Development

These days, everyone expects medical professionals to have fast, functional, and easy-to-navigate websites. With the rate of technological advancement and design trend changes, pain management websites become outdated as quickly as every three to five years.

Ensure your web traffic finds a beautiful, helpful page when they come to your site with the help of our professional web designers and developers. Whether your pain management clinic needs a simple refresh or a whole new design, we can help you convert more visitors into paying patients.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimized websites are those that are easily understood and provide value to both real people and Google’s search algorithm. SEO enhances the content and structure of your site to help you rank higher in Google’s organic (non-paid) listings for relevant keywords.

More than half of all web traffic on medical practice sites comes from people clicking on the top few results for their question or query they typed into the search bar. Our team can create new content, optimize your site structure, and refresh low-performance pages to help you rank higher for more keywords.

Google search ads can boost awareness by up to 80%

Even when people are in pain, they may not know about your unique approach and ability to help them be relieved of it. Google ads and other types of digital paid advertising can share your brand and your services with well-qualified leads when they’re browsing the web looking for answers. Our paid ads specialists are always available to monitor and tweak these campaigns as we collect data about each ad’s performance to ensure scalable ROI.

Design, Content, and Videography

The popularity of online video continues to increase, revealing a growing preference for consuming multimedia content when given the option. Although regular blog posting is still vital to optimizing your website and displaying thought leadership, video marketing can have a big impact on your long-term growth.

Being able to “meet” your team and hear about the options for various treatments and conditions prior to scheduling an appointment often has a deep trust-building effect on potential patients. Learn more about how we can help support your video efforts or create videos on your behalf to create stronger impressions from your website visitors.

Our Website Portfolio

As marketing professionals with specific expertise designing medical websites, we’re able to handle any branding template that works for your specific industry. See our modern website designs and start envisioning what your practice’s ideal site might look like.

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Middle of funnel

Lead Management Services

Managing chronic pain can be disheartening and fatiguing, especially if a person has tried multiple approaches to mitigating their condition. This is why it’s important to invest in robust tools to keep your leads organized and in contact with your team, reassuring them of your quality of care and ability to make a difference in their life.

92% of people are more likely to make a purchase after reading a positive review.

Review Management

These days, people trust online reviews as much as the advice or experience of their own friends and family. This is why keeping your practice’s review score high and displaying the stories of satisfied patients prominently has never been more important. With DLM Review, you can process negative reviews to address them internally before one or two one-star ratings tank your average. At the same time, we gather the best reviews across multiple platforms to display them prominently on your site.


Lead management for pain care centers is only as effective as the information about each lead and patient. If your staff is keeping track of lead touchpoints manually, there’s plenty of room for error or oversight. Fortunately, DLM’s CRM solutions take the guesswork out of the process, enabling automated messaging and integrated reporting.

Text and Email Automations for Pain Management Providers

Encourage skeptical leads with an introductory email or text message campaign, powered by and automatically logged into DLM CRM. Drip campaigns are time-tested ways to build trust and authority with people who haven’t committed to an appointment, and with the increasing comfort level of text message marketing, you can reach people where they pay the most attention and have the highest open rate of nearly any marketing channel.

Integrate all your lead sources Into one single place.

DLM’s CRM integrates all these lead sources in a single place, so your staff can create email campaigns, label lead stages, and track patient purchases without having to update countless spreadsheets.

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Bottom of funnel

ROI Reporting Services

If you don’t know where your patients first heard about your practice, you can’t make data-informed decisions about what’s working and what isn’t. With DLM’s reporting and analytics software, you can be fully aware of your ROI for various efforts, ensuring you stop wasting money where patients aren’t responding.

EMR Integration for Revenue Reporting

With your EMR integrated with DLM CRM, real dollars can be tracked all the way through a patient’s record to their first touchpoint and various marketing interactions. This gives you new insight into how you’re effectively communicating with people who end up coming in for treatment and helps you see which procedures are connecting with specific channels.

Email Marketing

Data tells only half the picture when it comes to people seeking pain management services. After all, every lead has a story about their pain and their journey to your practice. Following up with patients after they’ve come in for an appointment isn’t just about soliciting reviews to bolster your reputation, it’s also part of most people’s expectations these days. Closing the loop with email marketing for pain care is the new standard for the patient experience, and our automations make it easier than ever to make this process seamless.


All to help your practice grow.

Our people are our strength, and we want to share the strength of their knowledge with you. We hope you find our resources valuable as you continue navigating the complex and ever-changing landscape of the medical industry. Find blogs and ebooks on current and future trends, best practices for digital marketing, and much more.