How to Create Successful Facebook Ads


Most everyone is on the social media platform, Facebook, and that includes your target audience as well. Posting on Facebook is a great way to market your brand, however, posting alone often isn’t enough. Optimized Facebook Ads are a great way to catch the attention of your target audience. Check out these tips on how to create successful Facebook Ads.

Make it Visual


Visual content seems to get more views than posts without pictures. This makes sense, since most of the information communicated to our brain is visual. The Facebook algorithm also seems to favor visual content as well.

Make it Significant

A major step to success is making sure that your FB advertisements are relevant. When you are spending money on an ad, you want to make sure that it is pursuing your target audience. If you are designing ads that are not relevant to your target audience, not only are you wasting time, but money as well.

Make it Enticing


Be sure to include a value proposition into your ad. That is, tell the reader why they should click on your ad. What makes your product different or better from the others? Make sure that your value proposition is believable, and something that your audience will be enticed by.

Include a Call-To-Action


A clear call-to-action is a must in your FB ad. Without a call-to-action, your audience will not know what to do next. Inducing a sense of urgency in your viewer can get them to “click now.” Using phrases like “offer ends soon,” and “limited time offer” are great ways to direct people on what steps to take next.



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