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Digital Limelight Media is an all-in-one web design and digital advertising agency located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After years of working in the medical marketing industry, the founders of DLM realized that personalized in-person services were becoming ever so absent in the fast-paced digital age. 


The base of what now has become Digital Limelight Media is our marketing strategies. We execute multiple tactics to help get your practice in front of prospective leads, who will eventually become patients. We do this through creating and employing your brand across your website, from logo to design and content. While making sure that your practice is set in front of your target market. We take care of all the marketing for you, so you can manage your practice.

At Digital Limelight Media, we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing. This helps us to properly manage leads that come from the marketing tactics we utilize for your practice. Through our management services, we can help you to contact your leads effectively to help turn them into conversions. Also, we use a review tool to stay up to date on what patients are saying about your practice all over the internet. Along with these services, our day-to-day is kept busy with managing your website to keep it patient-friendly.

At Digital Limelight Media our team is more than talk, unlike some marketing practices. We have implemented our own data measuring tool to help our clients look at how their practice is doing in real-time. We have created an all-in-one platform that can show you your performance, leads, and more. Our team worked hard to make sure this is user-friendly so you can see your data in one spot. This way you know we are working for you.

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