5 Benefits of Using CallRail for Your Medical Practice

“I have to call the doctor.” It’s a common phrase and a tale as old as time. Landline communication has been the primary form of communication between patients and medical professionals for decades. Even in the age of email, text, and chat bots, phone calls are still a common occurrence from your patients.

But you’ve had your landline system for a long time. You may be asking yourself, should I update my landline? Is your phone system operating at its highest capacity? How can I upgrade my phone system? Find out how CallRail can help optimize your business.

What is CallRail?

What does CallRail do? CallRail is a call tracking system. Call tracking systems use modern technology to analyze phone calls, the caller themselves, and behaviors stemming from the phone call. This all happens in the back end as you answer your desk phone when it rings, as normal.

Then, your medical practice can use the information CallRail gathers for many different purposes. So what are the benefits of using CallRail and call tracking?

Benefits of Using CallRail

  1. You can keep your current landline – CallRail fully integrates with landline technology and call tracking can be set up regardless of an older phone system. This makes CallRail a fantastic option for bringing your old technology up to current industry standards. Your office can keep operating with their familiar phone protocol without losing out on the other benefits of call tracking.
  1. CallRail tracks the entire patient journey – How many times have you been disconnected from a patient and had to start the records process all over again? What if a patient calls from a different number than usual?

CallRail keeps track of all records associated with a patient. Other features include recording patient calls, where the call originated from, who answered the call, and more. CallRail’s Lead Center allows easy access and reports of all tracked information.

  1. CallRail is HIPPA Compliant – It’s of utmost importance to maintain client privacy when it comes to phone calls. CallRail is aware of this and allows for more information to be gathered while being encrypted for your office’s eyes only. CallRail elevates the client experience while maintaining privacy standards.
  1. CallRail keeps your leads happy – Utilizing tracking numbers allows for more call volume to be analyzed through your phone system. Staying on top of who called and when allows you to optimize your calls and lower response time. No one slips through the cracks anymore. CallRail makes it easy to add notes, jump into an existing conversation with other employees, and make sure the client is getting the information they need in a timely manner
  1. Fully integrates with your CRM – It is likely your medical practice has a CRM (and if you don’t learn why you should). Digital Limelight Media’s custom CRM system, DLM Insight integrates with CallRail analytics to bring you a tailored vision of your phone calls alongside all other relevant data. CallRail is part of your one-stop-shop.

Your Medical Practice Needs CallRail

We’ve discussed the day-to-day benefits of integrating CallRail with your current landline system. But call tracking goes beyond a conversation with a new lead or an appointment reminder phone call. Once you have a bird’s eye view of where your calls are coming from and how patients and staff interact with them – you can use this data to inform marketing campaigns,  optimize your practice, and enhance the patient experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about how CallRail can help you, we’d love to chat.