The Importance of Call Tracking in Marketing Analytics

5 Reasons Why You Need to Start Using Call Tracking Phone Numbers

Call tracking has never been simpler or more subtle.

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Did you know that calls to US businesses have increased by 110% since 2014? While it is great to know that you might be receiving a lot of calls, it’s even better to know where your calls are coming from and what is bringing new patients to your practice. You can keep developing those strategies and improve other techniques that are falling behind to enhance your entire marketing campaign.

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking sets up a tracking number that will forward all your calls to your main tracking number. At DLM, we use ROI call tracking so that the number of calls along with the caller’s name, number, and lead source will also be tracked so you have a better idea of who your patients are and whether you are attracting patients from outside your city or state.

Benefits of Call Tracking

  • Can be integrated with other software such as marketing automation
  • Gives exact data for analytics
  • Help you decide which areas of your marketing strategy need to be improved
  • Identify the geographic location of leads
  • Identify keywords attracting leads

Features of Call Tracking

Keyword Level Tracking

Call tracking links which landing page the caller found your number on and from there, you can track the keyword performance of each page on your site. If all your calls are coming from a select few pages, your other landing pages might need to include more keywords for an SEO (search engine optimization) boost.

Campaign Level Tracking

Similar to keyword tracking where the calls come from across different pages, call tracking also links back to your social media, advertisements, or other promotional materials that include your practice’s number. This will give you a broader view of how your entire marketing campaign is working and where most of your leads are coming from.

Multi-Channel Attribution Tracking

This is the broadest level of tracking that looks at all your marketing materials from the website to social media to podcasts and more. Multi-channel attribution tracking lets you look at client interaction in real-time across all these platforms. For example, keyword level tracking might show you that your caller clicked your number from the homepage of your website. Multi-channel attribution tracking will show you that they saw an Instagram post you made three days ago, typed your name into Google, then pulled your number from the website.

ROI Call Tracking

At Digital Limelight Media, we use ROI tracking to give you a complete overview of how call tracking is benefiting you and your practice. To learn more about our marketing strategies and how you can grow your business, give us a call, or schedule a quick 15-minute demo with one of our marketing specialists.