5 Things your marketing agency should be doing for your practice in 2022

In this post I wanted to share with you 5 things your marketing agency should be doing for your medical practice today. We hear all the time that the most frustrating part about our industry is the lack of transparency. Here are 5 items your marketing agency should have you covered on in order to scare your competition.

#1: Complete Transparency on Tasks

Do you currently know exactly what tasks are being done on a daily basis to help overtake your competitors? A simple project management tool creates clear transparency between your practice and your agency. If your agency is not currently using a project management tool that you can not access, how do you know what is being done?

#2: Clear Revenue Reporting

First page rankings in the search engines is only one piece of the puzzle. If your SEO company is not showing you where your patients are coming from and what procedure they are interested in, then how do you know what is the best bang for your buck? First page rankings help generte more leads to your practice, but what is more important is understanding which keywords drive revenue to your bottom line. The same rule applies for any other advertisment you are spending money on. If you do not know the exact amount of money you are making or losing per marketing channel, then how can you feel comfortable spending that money?

#3: SEO Reporting

A detailied analysis of your traffic, leads, calls and consultations booked is key. Each month you should have these metrics comparing year over year and month over month data. This allows you to understand the value of your marketing and more importantly spot trends and stagnation. 

#4: Competitor Benchmarking

Just as no two patients are identical, no two practices are the same. It is important your agency is benchmarking you against your competitors. If they have not shared with you who, where and why your competitors are kicking butt in your market, then how can they effectively market your practice? You should know at least on a monthly basis how your practice stacks against your competition and the steps your practice can take to gain more market share.

#5: Daily social media collaboration

A solid social media strategy involves effort from both your agency and your practice. Does your agency currently share a social media management tool with you? In order to get the most out of Facebook, Twitter, Google + to name a few, it is imperitive you and your agency are sharing post ideas on a weekly basis inside of a social collobration tools. If your agency is not posting daily for you and offering suggestions for Facebook ads, you may want to reconsider your social media strategy.

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