How to Gain Attention from Your YouTube Thumbnail

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Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine? Because of this, YouTube is a great place to discuss the mission of your practice and the services you offer, as well as engage with your clients in a fun atmosphere. YouTube thumbnails are the small images you click to take you to a video. You want your thumbnails to be captivating images so that your videos gain attention, but what makes a thumbnail attention-worthy?

Why are Thumbnails Important?

They are just as important as the video’s title since the thumbnail attracts your viewers with a captivating image that persuades them to click it. If your viewers aren’t clicking on your thumbnail, they will not watch your videos, and YouTube will not rank the video highly.

If your thumbnail has a vibrant image, this will also help your video stand out against all the other videos that pop up on the YouTube search page. Captivating thumbnails set you apart from the standard, boring thumbnails used by some of your other YouTube competitors.

How to Create a YouTube Thumbnail

At Digital Limelight Media, we use Canva to create beautiful graphic designs that promote your brand with a personalized logo and color scheme. Some of the most attractive YouTube thumbnails use the image of a person. More specifically, you can have one person (or even yourself) be the face of your practice – someone who is recognized and immediately associated with your business.

Branded color schemes and fonts also create this awareness. If you want text on your thumbnails, use contrasting colors and pop art to give your thumbnail a vibrant look and make the text stand out. You can always experiment with a few different styles and then track the metrics to see which thumbnails work best for your audience.

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