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Facebook Target Markets:

When meeting with new clients to discuss their advertising options, one of their biggest concerns is how to reach their target market. Facebook is a highly effective tool that should be used by all plastic surgeons to meet their customer base.  The key is how to select their targeting on Facebook.

In this post you will learn how to target Facebook ads to your ideal customers.  Enhance your business with Facebook targeted advertising to reach the customers that matter most by choosing and targeting the right audience.

How to target Facebook Ads

Choosing the right Facebook audience:

With Facebook you have the ability to target a very specific group of engaged users. This allows your advertising efforts to be seen by people who are interested in your product or service. In a 2013 Nielsen report, Nielsen found that the average online reach was a narrow 38%, while Facebook was found to have an astounding 89% accurate online reach. 

Using Facebook, multiple targeting choices will help:

  • Find the right clients across all devices
  • Deliver applicable messages to specific people
  • Reaching only the people that matter to you, resulting in the most value of your ad spend

Targeting your audience on Facebook:

When picking a target market for Facebook you want to think about your ideal customer. There are many questions you need to ask to determine your perfect customer. The most important of these is location and demographics. Facebook lets you target your audience by zip code.  For example, if you want to target customers within a 25 mile radius of your practice just type in the zip code of your practice.

One of the main advantages of Facebook ad targeting is using the content people share about their lives to target ads towards quality customers. For example, if your practice’s ideal customer is women ages 22-35, you can select this age range. Facebook lets you go as far as selecting women in this age group who watch the popular plastic surgery show “Botched”. This allows you to target people who have already shown an interest in plastic surgery, making them more likely candidates to have cosmetic surgery performed. To get the most our of your Facebook ad your ad should direct the traffic to your responsive website with a unique tracking number so you can determine the effectiveness of this campaign.

A word of warning, over-specifying results in a smaller target market, will lead to fewer clicks. While a specific target market leads to a higher conversion rate, the small audience group leads to a small potential patient group. Finding the perfect balance of specificity and scope will result in the most clicks.

targeting Facebook ads

Share your stories below with how your practice has used targeted Facebook ads for your marketing.

If you have any questions about how DLM can help your practice reach more patients on Facebook, drop us a line. We would love to show you a few examples of our clients campaigns.