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ROI Call Tracking

Most practices are familiar with call tracking. A number is ordered, people call it, and you know how many calls you get. However, ROI call tracking is the ability to tie out those calls from actual patients that are stored in your EMR or scheduling system. 

Why Would I Want Call Tracking?

This is simple really. If you want to know how many calls you get from your marketing campaigns and of those calls how many resulted in paying patients, then call tracking is for you. We leverage call tracking to help our practices gain more insight into the true value of the marketing we are doing on their behalf. 

Most practices are familiar with call tracking, but unfortunately most call tracking services only show you surface level data points. We go several layers deeper with our ability to integrate with EMR systems. 

Call tracking ultimately allows you to get a more full picture of your overall ROI from your marketing efforts. 

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How Does Call Tracking Work?

Call Tracking is really simple. We order a phone number that is the same area code as your current main number. We then setup the new number to forward all of the calls to your main number. We setup the call recording functionality and then add the number to marketing campaigns and your website.

When people call the tracking number the number stores the callers information such as their name, number, and lead source. We can then automatically match that data against your EMR patient records to identify the ROI of the patient who called the marketing campaign.

How DLM Can Help

If you want more visibility into your marketing ROI then call tracking is really important. We advise our practices who are looking for more accurate ROI calculations to lean on call tracking as part of the solution. If you would like to learn more about call tracking, please contact us and we would be happy to chat. 

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