Should You Pay for Physician Profiles?

The Ultimate SEO Checklist for Medical Practices

SEO for medical practices is a little different than a normal business.

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As a medical professional, many registries are vying for your time, attention, and credentials. The challenge is sorting through which profiles are legitimate and worth your effort. Physician Profiles can be beneficial avenues for users to find your information and send authority to your site which begs the question, is it worth it to pay for advanced physician profiles?

What is a Physician Profile?

Physician Profiles are provider-specific accounts within a site like or RateMD. These profiles compile information on a doctor, nurse practitioner, or provider. This information provided can range from basics about the practice, education and experience of the provider, contact information, and more. These profiles also often have their own review system where patients can leave individual doctor reviews and some offer scheduling functionality.

These profiles are often created for you and linger in the directory until claimed by the physician or the office. Claiming a profile gives you the ability to control the account and update the relevant information. Additionally, these accounts often also offer a paid version of the profile.

What Are the Benefits of Physician Profiles?

The features offered in an advanced profile will differ from site to site. However, Physician Profiles in general offer significant SEO value and help new sites gain authority quickly. Oftentimes, profile sites will allow you to customize one link in your profile description to link users back to the homepage of your website. This will increase trust from search engines and website rankings, which increases the likelihood of new leads either seeing your Physician Profile or website.

A personal human connection can also be gained from creating a profile. New patients looking for a doctor can learn more about you from your Physician Profile and the personal touch of that profile could attract them to your practice.

Should You Pay for Advanced Physician Profiles?

Before paying for an advanced Physician Profile, make sure you are getting your money’s worth with the features offered by the site you are looking at. Some things to consider are whether links can be built to internal pages (and how many links) and whether the profile will generate an ROI. You should also look at the track results of different web pages. is one of the biggest sites for Physician Profiles and is a reliable place to start your profile.

What to Look for in a Physician Profile

Not all Physician Profiles are the same so you want to make sure the site you are joining fits your industry. You should look for high authority sites that are well-respected and established. This can be determined by how highly the site ranks in search engines. Regarding site rankings, you can also determine whether your profile is working well based on your own website’s search rankings. Look at the metrics and see whether your rankings, website authority, and leads have increased since creating your profile. If these metrics have increased since developing your profile, that’s a great sign your Physician Profile is working!

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