The 411 on How to Target Facebook Ads

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If you are a business owner, taking advantage of Facebook advertising targeting is a great way to define your audience. Targeting Facebook ads is a great way to hone in on the audiences you want to reach. With this tool, you can use Facebook ads to target groups that you would specifically like to focus on.

Choose your Audience

Advertising on Facebook is a great opportunity to target specific groups. Using Facebook advertising targeting, you can discover the right customers on many devices, including mobile, tablets, and desktops. You can also get the most value out of your ad by attaining only your target audience.

Location Targeting

With this tool you can target customers by country, state, province, city and zip code. This information is collected by what users post on their timeline and is authorized by their IP address. You can even dig deeper by choosing cities of interest within a selected mile radius. For example, you can search for users 50 miles around Detroit. You also have the choice of excluding certain locations as well.


Using this tool, you can refine your Facebook targeting ads audience based on information Facebook users have shared to the public. For example, their age, relationship status, gender, education and job.

Interest Targeting

You can also determine your ideal audience by their interests and hobbies they have shared on Facebook. Facebook detects this information by things they have posted on their timeline, apps they have used, ads they have clicked on, and keywords related with pages they like.


Lastly, Facebook ad targeting allows you to define your audience by users’ behaviors. Behaviors are activities like purchase activities, travel preferences, and more. Facebook can keep track of behaviors by users’ Facebook activity and offline actions provided by data from Facebook’s third-party partners.