Tips for Filming Your Own Videos

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Videos provide a fun and engaging alternative to blogs and other written content. Audiences love to see something new and exciting, and videos are a great opportunity to promote your brand, services, and company life. When preparing to film your video, it’s important to consider your plan, the production, and what type of video you want to shoot. At Digital Limelight Media, we can help walk you through this process.

Different Types of Videos

Your budget may impact which type of video you choose to shoot, or how you shoot it, but these are all great options to promote your brand, company products, and values.

Demos or How-To

Customers want their questions answered quickly, and a how-to video will provide that answer while showing them how to succeed in their own time. Similarly, a demo shows the product or service in action and how to best use it for good outcomes.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Showing the real-world impact of your company’s service or product builds trust and good faith with your company. You can interview clients and ask why they chose your company/business and why other people should also choose you. People often choose companies based on other people’s reviews, and testimonial videos act as proof of your company’s value.

Brand Videos

Brand videos showcase your company’s mission, products, and services in an exciting way. Clients want to know who you are because it helps them know if you or your product will be a good fit for them. Brand videos also promote the visuals of your company such as logo, colors, and slogans that clients and future clients can be on the lookout for and recognize.


Now that you have an idea for the type of video you want to shoot, it’s time to start filming!

Camera Equipment

Most cell phones come with a built-in camera, but if you’re planning to make videos a regular part of your marketing strategy, it might be a good idea to invest in video recorders or high-quality cameras that shoot in at least 1080p (Full HD). You should also use a tripod to stabilize your shot.

Lighting is another important component of your video. You want to make sure no shadows are hiding your product or actor; similarly, backlighting could make your subject difficult to see. Position your subject (the product or person being interviewed) in front of an interesting background but something that is not too distracting. If you need better lighting, set up a few different lights to illuminate your subject from multiple angles.

Sound Quality

Finally, be aware of the sound quality and background noise. If you are filming in an office, turn off machines and any music playing and stand somewhere where outside traffic cannot be heard. You can use microphones to improve the clarity of whoever is speaking; if using your phone, there are even microphones that will fit into the headphone input.


As you film, collect lots of B-roll that can be added in to break up talking-head shots, a shot of someone speaking. The B-roll footage will be shown as your interviewer is speaking for a more engaging visual. Consider using before and after images, photos and videos of your practice, and videos of your service being performed.

Once you have collected all your film, you can start putting it together and add brand elements such as font, color, textures, and logo animation. These elements will keep your business consistent across platforms and recognizable both online and offline. If you’re looking for more professional quality, send us your video files and let us edit and convert them into an engaging video centered around your practice and its mission. DLM also offers publication services to optimize your video for each platform (Youtube, business website, social media) – after all, you want as many people as possible to see your video!

Develop Your Marketing Strategy with DLM

If you have a collection of shots waiting to be turned into a video, send them to us! The marketing team at Digital Limelight Media can edit existing videos and help you plan future videos to share your brand online. We also offer publication services to create new landing pages, send eblasts, write blog posts, and integrate with other procedure pages. Schedule a 15-minute demo with us using our online form or ask your marketing specialist about the best options for your practice.