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Marketing Services

Attracting new patients deserves a comprehensive outbound marketing approach incorporating general advertising and local campaigns. DLM helps dentists drive new business to their practice with our solutions for increasing awareness, optimizing the user experience of your website, and creating rich content to establish your practice as a thought leader in the crowded dental industry.

Search Engine Optimization for Dental Marketing

Dental websites are constantly creating content to compete with their competitors, but only some of it is readable and valuable to both human users and the algorithm that gives them search results. Google’s best practices for content creation change constantly, and our team of search engine optimizers stay up to date so you don’t have to.

We can help you create optimized and rich content to raise the rankings of your most important procedures and pages in Google search results. SEO is an art and a science, and involves the written content as well as how your website is structured at the level of code. Trust our team to enhance your SEO and help you compete with the largest single source of web traffic to dentist offices like yours.

Digital advertising allows even small practices to reach wide audiences with little investment. Our paid ads specialists can run highly targeted campaigns on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Google itself to increase the awareness of your practice. It takes time for people to begin to recognize a brand name or a dental practice, but paid advertising can be a quick and scalable way to bring more traffic to your site and broaden your access to patient lives in your area.

42% of people will leave a website if it doesn’t function well.

Web Design and Development

Due to the fact that people are online and on screens more than ever before, your average potential patient has a radar for websites that don’t perform up to the standards they expect. This includes responsiveness, or the ability for a site to adapt its layout and graphics to the screen it’s being displayed on, as well as the overall design. In the digital space, websites become outdated every 3 to 5 years, meaning it may not be “too soon” to think about rebranding or updating your site to the latest design trends and technical architecture.

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Provide your online visitors with an updated experience with a professional medical website designed by experts. Our team has provided beautiful, high-performance websites for many dental practices that you can see in our portfolio.

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Middle of funnel

Lead Management Services

The stigma surrounding “the dentist” means that it can be hard to convince people to actively make an appointment, especially if it’s been a while since they’ve had a good experience at a dental practice. Lead nurturing is the time to reassure people about how you do things uniquely, and to help them feel safer and more motivated to call or come in for a visit.

DLM’s lead management tools help keep your office staff organized and focused on creating a positive environment that people look forward to coming back to in 6 months or sooner.


Tracking leads who may not have personally called your office is often the lowest priority, leading to many missed opportunities when people are not followed up with after they fill out a contact form online, for example. With DLM’s CRM for dentists, your staff has access to all leads and can quickly find those that haven’t been touched whether they came in through a phone call, contact form, or email.

Our integrated CRM eliminates the need for manual follow-up with automated tools and direct access to records in a single location.

92% of people are more likely to make a purchase after reading a positive review.

Review Management

You can put your best foot forward online by ensuring your reviews, both overall and individual, are as positive and accurate as possible. With DLM’s reputation management tool, we not only gather reviews of your practice from across the internet to display them in one place on your website, but also give you the option to respond to highly negative reviews internally before they have a chance to wreck your average score. Not everyone will love their time at the dentist, but you can help encourage potential patients with other people’s real, positive experiences.

Email and SMS Drip Automations

Save time and effort with automated email campaigns that go directly to people who share their email with your practice. This allows you to set up appointment reminders, introductory drip campaigns, and other important marketing emails or text messages to keep in touch with your patients and your potential patients.

Integrate all your lead sources Into one single place.

DLM’s CRM integrates all these lead sources in a single place, so your staff can create email campaigns, label lead stages, and track patient purchases without having to update countless spreadsheets.

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Bottom of funnel

ROI Reporting Services

To be successful and to grow your dental practice sustainably, you need to know what’s working and what’s not when it comes to your marketing budget. With DLM’s reporting and analytics software, you can have access to real-time data about your marketing and leads, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

EMR Integration for Dentist Revenue Reporting

We work with many dental practices across the country, which means we have the experience and expertise to know that EMR integrations are key to knowing exactly where your revenue is coming from. Gain new insights on the most popular and profitable procedures and marketing channels by linking your CRM and lead data with your EMR.

Email Marketing

A large part of the decision to return to a new dentist is based on how they make you feel after the appointment. These days, people feel more connected to businesses and brands that email them after an interaction – for dentists, after an appointment – to close the loop or ask for a review of their experience. This drives recent, positive reviews to your site while providing you qualitative feedback on how people’s expectations were or weren’t met by your approach to dental care.


All to help your practice grow.

Our people are our strength, and we want to share the strength of their knowledge with you. We hope you find our resources valuable as you continue navigating the complex and ever-changing landscape of the medical industry. Find blogs and ebooks on current and future trends, best practices for digital marketing, and much more.


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