2 Ways #Hashtags Can Help Your Medical Practice

Healthcare Social Media 101

You should know these things about social platforms.

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A hashtag is a word or phrase (with no spaces) that is created to form a common label that is used for organic search traffic. As the hashtag originated on Twitter to group common messages of the same subject, it is now expanding outwards to all social media sources, such as Instagram and Facebook.

When you type a hashtag into a sentence, you are directed to a feed that shows everyone else that has grouped the same topic. Using hashtags in social media allows you to post information to a larger targert market by identifying your content to a hashtag topic. This post will cover the two reasons why more and more companies are using hashtags and how this can help drive more brand awareness to your medical practice.

1. #Hashtag your events and promotions

Simply put, it will bring more organic traffic to your post at no extra cost to you. Even though the people you are reaching may not be local, you are still catching the eyes of more viewers.

Here is an idea: If you are hosting a large event at your practice, say a Valentines Day Event, create your own hashtag! This hashtag can be anything you want, such as #VDayDrSmith. When you are sending out invites to the party, be sure to tell your guests to add your newly created hashtag to anything they post about the event on social media. This way, when the event has concluded, you can type in the hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, to catalaogue all the posts and pictures from the event!

2. #Hastag your blog content 

Try using common words when you are writing a blurb for an article that you are sharing, such as #PlasticSurgery or #beautiful. It is important to stay strategic and concise; for example if you are going to hashtag a phrase, make the separate words capitalized so it is readable. However, don’t overdo it. One to two hashtags is enough for every few sentences!

Hashtags make social media searches easier, since the feed is solely based around the topic you searched. Once a user types in their key words, they are automatically directed to something they want to read and are interested – keeping everything relevant. 

Comment below with a few of your favorite #hashtags