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Top of funnel

Marketing Services

Patients seek out an orthodontist when they need specialized care – maybe on recommendation from their dentist or maybe not. What’s important is to be the first thing they see when searching for terms like “orthodontist in Grand Rapids.” Local search results are at the top of your marketing funnel – they help increase patients’ awareness of your services and prompt them to learn more. First impressions are key, and DLM helps orthodontists stay at the top of local search results with high-value keywords and a low bounce rate, one of the most powerful combinations for top-of-the-funnel marketing.

Web Design and Development

For most patients, seeing an orthodontist isn’t particularly “fun” but design is key when it comes to inviting patients to visit your office. Your website design should be eye-catching, cheerful, and professional rather than sterile or dated like many patients might expect from a dentist’s office. A well-designed website can make all the difference in setting expectations for your patients.

Our professional designers and developers can work with you to capture the warm and welcoming feeling you want your practice to convey. When your patients see that you’ve put in the work to impress them with your site, they’ll see that you’ve done the same to impress them with your care.

Paid advertising is a low-cost, high-reward strategy. With just a few dollars per day, you can make sure that your new site is put in front of hundreds of prospective local patients looking for orthodontists in their area. Whether searchers click on your ad or not, our paid ads team can help you ad make the right impression.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO for Orthodontists)

The process of researching an orthodontist can be a long one for many patients. As they learn more about your services and what they can expect at your practice, their search terms likely become more specific. As prospective patients go down the funnel, they may search for things like “Invisalign cost” or “does it hurt to get braces.”

Our SEO services include targeting these specific keywords with informational blog posts, website content, frequently asked questions, and more. When your prospective patients can find the information they need, it can reassure them that their experience at your practice will be just as open and informational.

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Provide your online visitors with an updated experience with a professional medical website designed by experts. Our team has provided beautiful, high-performance websites for many dental practices that you can see in our portfolio.

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Middle of funnel

Lead Management Services

For some patients, reaching out to an orthodontist can cause anxiety about what they can expect. Managing leads to ensure your prospective patient feels confident in their choice is key. We offer lead management services that can help your staff effectively reach out to patients to remind them of what makes your practice stand out from other orthodontists.


Organization is key when it comes to lead management. In the past, your staff might have relied on spreadsheets or dated systems which led to some patients being missed – and this can make a stressful situation even more stressful for patients.

DLM’s modernized CRM can centralize everything you need for lead management including emails, form submissions, text messages, and phone records so you can make sure your patients are always in contact with your staff at every stage of their appointment process.

Review Management

More people rely on reviews than ever before when choosing services or products, meaning you can’t just ignore the negative ones. Enough negative reviews can turn away prospective patients before they even fill out your contact form. DLM Review allows you to manage your patient reviews and make it easy for patients to rate their experience – and it allows you to manage negative ones before they end up on your site.

Email and SMS Drip Automations

Most people are so accustomed to getting a confirmation email or text when they fill out a form submission that it can feel odd when they don’t. It can seem like a huge task for your staff to respond to every form, but automating this process is one of the best cost-saving measures you can make. When you receive a form submission, our system can automatically text or email your prospective patient to welcome them and confirm their submission. From there, you can begin to remind patients of their upcoming appointments at customizable intervals with relevant information.

Integrate all your lead sources Into one single place.

DLM’s CRM integrates all these lead sources in a single place, so your staff can create email campaigns, label lead stages, and track patient purchases without having to update countless spreadsheets.

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Bottom of funnel

ROI Reporting Services

You might put all of your effort into getting patients in for an initial appointment without much planning for what happens after. The goal at the bottom of the funnel is to get patients in for their next appointment and eventually turn them into regular customers. Once you submit the payment and information you need into your EMR, you can make the most of it with DLM’s integration, reporting, and forward-looking strategies.

EMR Integration for Orthodontic Revenue Reporting

Having data is key – and so is knowing what to do with it. At DLM, we call this data-driven decision-making. Our tools can integrate with your EMR system to view patients’ revenue as well as how they first contacted you, what marketing materials they received, and more – which allows you to determine which patients are worth investing more in and which ones aren’t.

Email Marketing

Fortunately, orthodontists typically see patients on a regular basis for checkups and adjustments. What’s important is ensuring that your patients show up for their scheduled appointments. With everyone’s schedules being busier than ever, reminding your patients about their appointments can be key to preventing no-shows and helping your patients feel engaged. Don’t worry – this process can be easily automated by email or text, too.

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