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There are a lot of ways to do reputation management and review management, but the key to an effective strategy is proactiveness. Below is how we execute an effective review management strategy for our clients.

Your Reputation Starts with a Baseline

 Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We first need to figure our what your patients are saying about you. Our propriety tool, DLM Review crawls the web and pulls your reviews off the 80 different health related and aggregate websites and displays them nicely in DLMInsight. Once that is completed, we can very easily see what our overall reputation score is as well as what your score is by review website.

Anytime a new review is left online, it will get added to this feed and you will be notified of the review. You can view this new review easily inside DLMInsight. The initial audit gives us a solid starting spot for strategy. If your Google Avg is 2.5 and Yelp is 3.5, then we know we need to focus more on improving Google. So how do we improve your reviews and the frequency in which reviews are submitted?

How to Get the Credit You Deserve


There are two ways to get more reviews.

  1. With EMR Integration we can automatically send out review requests after patients come into the practice or complete their service.
  2. We can send a list of patients a review request if we are given their email address or cell number.

If you elect for integration, we can automate this for your practice. We will be able to email and text patients a simple 1 sentence message.

If they click “I had a good experience” they will then be redirected to whichever site, we are trying to get more reviews on. If they click Google it will automatically take them to your Google Page to leave that review.

If they click I had a bad experience, it will redirect them to send you a message to explain. Once you receive that message you can reach out to the patient and try to smooth things over.

Now, we can either do this automatically with our EMR integrations or we can send this out to a list of patients emails once a week. Your staff will also have the availability to send these out as well.

What Happens if I Get a Negative Review?

Can you remove the review? We hear this all the time. No we can not remove negative reviews from websites we do not control. But, what we can do is know right away when a negative review is left online so we can respond to it asap and not let it sit un-responded to for months on end.

Our Approach is Simple.

  1. Identify who left the negative review
  2. Have the Practice Manager or Patient Coordinator call them directly to hear them out
  3. Offer an incentive in exchange for removal of the review
  4. If that does not work, then respond to the review directly on the review website. DO NOT MENTION ANY PHI. Keep the response short and sweet. “We strive to accommodate each one of our patients and do our best to create long lasting patient relationships. We are sorry your experience was less than satisfying. We would like to discuss this in more detail and see if we can work something out in the future.” 

What is Done on a Monthly Basis?

As I mentioned before, the key to good Reputation Management is proactiveness. Below outlines the strategy for a monthly Reputation Management service.

  1. Monitor
  2. Respond to Negative Reviews
  3. Review Campaigns – Automatic or Manual
  4. Reporting
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