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Marketing Services

Expanding your brand awareness in your location as an authority and leader in vein treatments is important for long-term growth – you want to be the name people think of when they discover suddenly that they have visible veins or require vein treatment. Once your name is easily recognized, your marketing needs to provide consistent and functional interactions across all media platforms, which is more complicated than ever due to the increasing demand for high-quality content across dozens of types of devices.

More than half of all web traffic comes from smartphones and tablets.

Web Design and Development

The first thing many people will discover about your practice is your website. Because so many people are using mobile devices primarily or even exclusively for their web browsing, it’s important that your site performs and looks as good as it does on a computer screen as it does a smaller phone screen.

This is known as responsive web design and it’s no longer a luxury for medical practices who want to grow their practice and find new patients. Our web developers and designers recommend sites should get a refresh or a whole new design every three to five years to stay competitive and get the latest updates to keep it blazing fast and with the latest design trends for the best user experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Your content is read by both people and Google’s search algorithm, meaning it needs to meet the needs of both robots and humans. Search engine optimization is the art and science of making your website content high-quality, so it ranks highly in search results while meeting the needs of users.

Our search engine optimization team employs the latest strategies to ensure the content we create is optimized for your vein clinic’s best performance in Google search results for your area.

Google search ads can boost awareness by up to 80%.

To be the name that people think of when they see a varicose vein developing on their legs, your practice needs to be memorable. Studies show that it can take up to 7 times seeing a brand before people can recall it from memory, which means the more often you can put your name in front of people, the more likely it is that they’ll remember you when the time is right.

With digital advertising, you can quickly create campaigns that target highly specific audiences who are searching for related treatments or conditions in your area. Plus, our paid ads specialists work to monitor and adapt your advertising constantly to ensure we’re going after high-performing ad buys, ensuring you have the best ROI.

54% of people prefer to watch a video over emails and social media posts.

Design, Content, and Videography

When it comes to most people’s preferred way to receive information online, the clear trend is that it’s moving quickly toward video. Video engages people in a way that written text can’t, even if written content is still the cornerstone of digital marketing. With videos, you can introduce your practice and your physicians, answer questions with an authoritative presence, and show people around the office before they have to come in person.

Our video team is here to help you launch or hone your video content production strategy to build trust quickly with visual content. We can edit your previously recorded content or create a strategy for what to film, how to film it, and where to put it.

Our Website Portfolio

As marketing professionals with specific expertise designing medical websites, we’re able to handle any branding template that works for your specific industry. See our modern website designs and start envisioning what your practice’s ideal site might look like.

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Lead Management Services

Visible veins may not be the urgent medical need people immediately make an appointment for. This is why nurturing your leads as a vein clinic or medical spa is important. With regular, personalized touchpoints, you can ensure people get to know you and your services well, while consistently encouraging them to make an appointment.


The key to consistency in lead nurturing is organization. Keeping track of who has received what marketing material and when can be complicated, which is why automated tools are invaluable to medical practices like yours.

DLM’s CRM is designed to help vein clinics and med spas create automated marketing campaigns that sync directly with lead information in a centralized system so anyone can create and follow up with contacts at any time.

92% of people are more likely to make a purchase after reading a positive review.

Review Management

Reading or hearing that others have enjoyed a pleasant and successful experience at your vein clinic is a major factor in many people’s decision to make an appointment. Ensure your reviews are positive and accurate with DLM Review. Our reputation management tool allows your team to field negative reviews and handle them internally before they’re posted publicly and hurt your average rating. Even a tenth of a percentage point in an average 5-star scale can be enough to drive people away. Ensure you’ve got the online reputation you deserve with a review management tool from DLM.

Email and SMS Drip Automations

Keeping in touch with potential patients has never been easier with DLM’s automated solutions for email marketing and text message communication. Set up as many email templates as you want for your leads to receive once their information is in the CRM and specify the time frame for each one to go out ahead of time. This ensures a consistent experience while freeing your staff the time and attention to better serve patients and create a positive environment.

Integrate all your lead sources Into one single place.

DLM’s CRM integrates all these lead sources in a single place, so your staff can create email campaigns, label lead stages, and track patient purchases without having to update countless spreadsheets.

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ROI Reporting Services

Without knowing where your marketing budget is going, you risk making decisions in a vacuum. With DLM’s reporting and analytics software, we provide quantitative and qualitative evidence of the impact of your efforts in every marketing channel, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

EMR Integration for Revenue Reporting

Our software integrates with most of the major EMR systems to make it easy to start collecting data about the real dollars you’re bringing in for specific procedures and certain marketing channels. Learn what’s making an impact on your revenue so you have a clear understanding of your marketing ROI.

Over 70% of Gen X and Baby Boomers think email is the most personal channel to receive communications from businesses.

Email Marketing

People expect to receive emails from medical practices and businesses they’ve provided their information to. Utilize this permission and expectation to gather people’s experiences, whether in a public-facing review or internal testimonial with email marketing after a visit. These types of emails close the loop on the experience and provide one last touchpoint for the best customer experience.

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Custom Website and Video Marketing in Reno, NV

The Janigas' contracted DLM to help them brand and market their unique vision. DLM designed and rebranded the website as well as facilitated digital marketing and tracking.

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