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There are a lot of ways to do reputation management and review management, but the key to an effective strategy is proactiveness. A proactive review management strategy starts with a centralized and automated platform.

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Stop losing sleep over 1 star reviews​

The DLM Review platform will help you keep tabs on your reviews as well as streamline the communications to your patients to leave reviews. If you are unsure how many reviews you have, then DLM review will significantly help you get a handle on that. 




Compare Your Practice

Immediately see how you stack up online against your competitors. The report provides you with insight in regards to how to improve your local presence.


Automate Review Collection

DLM Review will streamline and centralize your online reputation and review strategy. If you are unsure what reviews are currently online, DLM review may be the solution for you. 

DLM Review can automate review collection as well as filter out negative reviews by encouraging unhappy patients to send an email as opposed to leaving a review. 

Be proactive as opposed to reactive. If you get a negative review, you will know about it the moment it is published online. This proactiveness will ensure the least amount of damage to your reputation in the least amount of time. 

DLM has been a game changer for our
practice. We have more clarity and
efficiency in our marketing than we ever

Brian Coan, MD FACS

Care Plastic Surgery

Monitor reviews in one place

 DLM Review crawls the web and pulls your reviews off the 80 different health related and aggregate websites and displays them nicely in Insight. You can easily see what your overall reputation score is as well as what your score is by review website.

Automatically get more reviews

With EMR Integration we can automatically send out review requests after patients come into the practice or complete their service. If EMR integration is not an option, we can send a list of patients a review request if we are given their email address or cell phone number.

Review management simplified

Understanding when you get a review and centralizing these reviews under one view will help you take control of your online reputation. DLM Review was built to simplify and automate Review Management for Medical Practices. 

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