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Marketing Services

When it comes to new patients, people seeking plastic surgery procedures almost always know what procedure they want before they decide who they want to perform it. Increasing your practice’s awareness through these essential marketing services allows you to reach more patients at a sustainable scale.

Search Engine Optimization

To ensure your website shows up in search results, it needs to be optimized, which means making it easily identifiable to search engine bots while creating high-quality content that satisfies real people.

Because of this, our team has learned to balance and optimize for both types of visitors to the page: easy-to-read, informative content, with structured data for web crawlers. This allows you to tap into the major source of all web traffic: organic search results.

Web Design and Development

Many people have little patience when it comes to slow, un-optimized websites that they frequently bring up on their phones when researching plastic surgery and plastic surgeons. Statistics show that up to 42% of people will leave a website if it doesn’t load quickly or function well. Ensure your site is up to speed and has a responsive, pleasing design by updating it frequently; we recommend every 3-5 years in most cases.

Every plastic surgery practice is different, and your website should help you stand out and be memorable to those who visit it. Our graphic designers and web developers can help refresh or create a new website from scratch to help you schedule more appointments and convert new patients.

Google search ads can boost awareness by up to 80%

Running ad campaigns on multiple digital platforms is a powerful way to get your name in front of people doing preliminary research to help your practice seem familiar by the time they’re ready to commit. Our paid ads specialists can spread your ads across the web, on Google searches, social media platforms, and even YouTube to increase awareness in your area with adaptive keyword strategies and demographic segmentation.

Design, Content, and Videography

Regularly creating new, optimized content is essential to show people you’re an active authority in plastic surgery. As video continues to dominate people’s preferred way of digesting information, it’s becoming a growing source of leads and high conversion rates.

Our video services can help consolidate and advise your practice on how to make high-quality videos that amplify the quality of your website and overall web presence.

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We customize every website project to match your brand identity and goals for how you want to present yourself online. Check out our current and prior clients’ websites to see how your practice might look with a modern, responsive design.

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Middle of funnel

Lead Management Services

Once people are aware of your plastic surgery practice, entice them to choose you with regular touchpoints that provide value to their specific interests and concerns. Simply following up with an email or text greatly increases the chance that a lead takes the next step of scheduling a consultation to learn more about your services.

Review Management

Your digital reputation is a highly important piece of the lead nurturing process. The vast majority of people say that a single negative review will cause them to avoid a service provider, especially for services like plastic surgery.

DLM Review gives you the tools to respond to negative reviews with your own internal processes, while automatically soliciting and gathering reviews from your satisfied patients.

59% of people say marketing emails have influenced their purchase behavior.


Keep your leads organized in a central location to ensure you never drop an interested party, whether they filled out a contact form, emailed you, or called the office with a robust CRM developed specifically for plastic surgery practices. DLM’s CRM integrates all these lead sources in a single place, so your staff can create email campaigns, label lead stages, and track patient purchases without having to update countless spreadsheets.

Email and SMS Drip Automations

With our automated text and email tools, you can reduce the time and effort it takes your office staff to follow up with leads while still personalizing the experience to their information. This provides the personal touch people expect from plastic surgery practices while improving lead response times and appointments.

Integrate all your lead sources Into one single place.

DLM’s CRM integrates all these lead sources in a single place, so your staff can create email campaigns, label lead stages, and track patient purchases without having to update countless spreadsheets.

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Bottom of funnel

ROI Reporting Services

When you’ve successfully provided services for a patient, it’s important to follow through the lead cycle by understanding what efforts led to this outcome. This is where ROI reporting becomes crucial to your marketing decisions. Without knowing where exactly a paying patient came from, you won’t know where to continue or increase your marketing investments. Our tools make this process easier than ever.

Email Marketing

People who have already made a purchase or undergone a procedure are more likely to make another purchase from you assuming they had a satisfactory experience. Email marketing to previous and potential patients is still the tried-and-true method to encourage interest in your practice and drive the possibility for future procedures.

EMR Integration for Revenue Reporting

With a direct integration to the most popular EMR systems, DLM’s software tracks leads all the way through the process, from first contact to final payment. This end-to-end insight shows you in real time where your marketing dollars are paying off the most. As you grow your practice, you have the data-backed knowledge of where to scale your efforts to continue growing sustainably.

Over 70% of Gen X and Baby Boomers think email is the most personal channel to receive communications from businesses

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New Custom Website and Content in Cary, NC

We implemented a new website design and fresh content. Scalable SEO strategy leveraging Insight for keyword research and content organization. We analyzed baseline marketing ROI to understand opportunities. Set up drip campaigns and train staff on proper lead management utilizing CRM.

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