4 Reasons Personalized Instagram Content is Essential

Healthcare Social Media 101

You should know these things about social platforms.

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Instagram stepped onto the social media scene in October of 2010 and hasn’t looked back. Now a household name, as of November 2021, Instagram has 157 million active users in the United States alone. Needless to say, there are a myriad of accounts, photos, sponsored posts, and growing video content vying for your audience’s attention every time they log into the app whether on their daily commute to work or during a late night extended scroll. 

There Are Endless Social Media Marketing Opportunities

Opportunities for social media marketing are abundant on the app, between influencer partnerships, sponsored posts, and promoted ads. It’s hard to wade through what’s going to be necessary or beneficial for your business. Industry standards are a big indicator of what social tactics are going to do well with your audience. Although, there is a gold standard across all industries: personalized content. 

Social media is named as such for a reason, it’s social. Let’s dive into why personalized content resonates so highly with audiences across industry and demographics.

Why Personalized Instagram Content is Essential

Grows Trust Within Your Follower
With 2 billion monthly users, Instagram gives you the chance to put a face to your business. Particularly in the medical industry, the often complicated nature of surgery, procedures, and verbiage create distance between the average follower and their medical professionals. Instagram allows a deeper connection to be created and puts a face to the complexities of your business.

When your followers see you taking time out of your day to create posts that connect to their interests, their questions, and them as a whole, it creates a two-way relationship and grows trust and attention to your brand. This is your opportunity to perform Q & A videos, run giveaways, and share items relevant to the lives of your clients.

It Builds Brand Recognition
Clients and consumers are more in touch with their favorite brands than ever and it’s been proven they value engaging, memorable, and transparent content. Instagram offers the opportunity to solidify your brand through the personal touches of your own business. When your audience sees the transparent methods you use to accomplish your business goals, they see the heart behind your brand.

Do you pride yourself on a staff that feels like family? Snap a quick photo of your dinner out together and share on your Instagram story. Do you want to be known as a welcoming and down-to-earth clinic? Share a photo of the refreshments you have waiting for your clients. When your followers see our personalized content, they see YOU.

It Prevents Ad Burnout
With research suggesting modern-day consumers see up to 10,000 ads a day, ad burnout is a real possibility. Don’t get us wrong. Social ads are a highly effective (and an often affordable) way to reach your target audience. But breaking up a users’s Instagram feed with personalized content prevents consumers from writing off your content as one big ad.

Consumers will gravitate to your content even more when they aren’t constantly being sold to or pushed to take action.

It’s What’s Trending
There’s a push to “make Instagram casual again.” Over the past 10 years, Instagram has shifted from a dumping ground for photos of what you had for lunch to a highly edited and produced advertisement of one’s own life, and people miss the old days of the app. As of January 2022, the hashtag #makeinstagramcasualagain has 7.9 million videos full of inspiration on how to craft a laid-back Instagram aesthetic.

This creates space for your office to share the little moments. Your followers want to see the view from your commute to the office and your receptionists’ coffee orders. This trend affords the opportunity to easily connect with your audience in the day-to-day functioning of your practice– and makes it easy! You don’t need a lighting set up or a high-quality set to get started.

Personalized Content Performs Better

The bottom line is that personalized Instagram content performs better. While your promoted ads may be just as valuable as your personalized content, your audience doesn’t always know this. Show them that you can provide relevant ads AND interesting sneak peeks into your business. Diversifying your content to include personalized touches grows your following and your business returns. 

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