Board-Certified Doctor or TikTok Star?

Healthcare Social Media 101

You should know these things about social platforms.

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As social media develops, so should your marketing campaign! You can use social media to connect with existing customers and attract new customers by discussing the procedures you offer that they are interested in.

Should You Have a Social Media Account?

Social media is a great way to connect with your clients in a casual environment. Many people think it is just the younger crowd on social media, but a demographic breakdown reveals the surprisingly high percentages of people with at least one social media profile:

  • Ages 18-29: 84%
  • Ages 30-49: 81%
  • Ages 50-64: 73%
  • Ages 65+: 45%

It may be true that millennials and Gen Z utilize social media the most, but the older population has become more tech-savvy in recent years, and everyone is using social media as a way to connect with others. Need some ideas for how to build your social media profile? Check out the different strategies and techniques used by some of the most popular doctors on TikTok.

Dr. Don Dizon

Dr. Dizon, MD, is one of the most popular doctors on TikTok and he has made sure to brand his page so that he is recognizable. His videos often include captions with pop-art dialogue boxes or colorful text. Purple and red seem to be common colors visible across many of the videos on his profile. One popular video format he uses is “storytime” videos where he shares medical scenarios that have happened during his personal life, during his residency, or during his time as a doctor. He also mixes these up by answering his follower’s questions about medical conditions, treatment, and more.

Dr. Stella C.

Dr. Stella uses her TikTok page to share updates about COVID-19, monkeypox, and other recent health updates. Her educational videos include lots of charts, screenshots of news stories, and clips of legal documents to highlight certain sections and explain what is being said in easier-to-read terms. Although most of her content is informative, she keeps her page entertaining with her high-energy videos and humorous reactions to otherwise serious news content.

Dr. Emeka Okorocha

Dr. Okorocha answers a variety of health-related questions from his followers and uses his platform to promote his new book. He includes exercise tips and tips to stop smoking as well as signs to look out for regarding mental health. He also adds in high-energy videos of him dancing or acting out different scenarios with a humorous twist.

Dr. Adam Goodcoff

Dr. Goodcoff, DO, uses his platform to depict various scenarios about what treatments to give in different situations and even includes demonstrations of these treatments in some of his videos. His bold, colorful captions draw his 1.8 million followers’ attention while educating them on many helpful medical tips, such as what to do for a nosebleed and the signs of diabetes.

Dr. Anthony Youn

Dr. Youn, MD, shares his reactions to plastic surgery before and after photos and often advocates for less invasive measures or more naturally appearing plastic surgery. He also creates videos of fake yet humorous scenarios that could happen in the hospital and uses this humor to share information engagingly. His variety of videos and mixture of education and engagement has earned him 7.9 million followers on TikTok.

Do You Want to be the Next TikTok Star?

It might be difficult to reach that million-subscriber level, but you can still use your social media profiles to engage with your clients and generate more traffic to your practice. If people see content they like, they will keep coming back and might just visit you in person over time.

Our marketing and content teams at DLM can help you create a successful social media profile with a unique brand for your practice. Visit us online or give our office a call to learn more about social media marketing and other services we offer to give your practice a complete marketing transformation.