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When your clients unsubscribe from your email list, your first reaction might be a negative one because you feel you are doing something wrong. Instead, view this as a time for some constructive criticism because there could be many reasons your audience is unsubscribing other than something that you directly caused. This is where you can start creating change. With an email unsubscribe page, you can ask your audience for those specific reasons why they are unsubscribing and use this feedback to modify your marketing strategy.

Creating Your Email Unsubscribe Page

When creating an unsubscribe page, make it as clear and simple as possible. While you should give them lots of reasons to stay on your email list, you should also not make it difficult to leave. Don’t hide the unsubscribe button or design the page in a way that makes it difficult to find. If your subscribers are already on that page, making it difficult to unsubscribe won’t make them any less likely to do so – this will only annoy them when you should be encouraging them to stay. Making it easier, along with the tactics below, could cause them to second-guess whether they want to unsubscribe.

Ways to Decrease Your Unsubscribe Rate

1.      Ask for Feedback

Many unsubscribe pages provide their subscribers, or unsubscribers, with a multiple-choice form that lists reasons they might be leaving. Going one step further with a short answer box where clients can leave their opinions about what was working or not working offers more personalized, specific feedback. There might be a problem you were not aware of and paying attention to this feedback can help you find and resolve that problem before other people also unsubscribe because of it.

2.      Offer Customized Subscriptions

Maybe your subscriber is still interested in some of the services you offer, but they don’t want to receive all the other emails you send with content they aren’t interested in. You can keep your clients subscribed with customized subscriptions that will only send them certain email blasts. For example, you could prompt your client to join a procedure-specific mailing list if they are only interested in some of the procedures you offer. Other customized mailing lists could be for monthly specials, new procedures, and products, or blog posts.

3.      Build Emotion

Your clients or subscribers need to remember that you are human, especially if their only interaction with you and your practice has been through email blasts or visiting your website. Consider adding in some humor, wish your customers well, and engage them so that they know they are important to you.

4.      Personalization

Another way to engage with your subscribers directly is through smart fields. Smart fields personalize a page by addressing the user by name and offering content based on their previous searches. Auto filling the unsubscribe form might also help, since filling out a form for something you are not even interested in anymore can be annoying. By making the unsubscribe page as user-friendly as possible, you may encourage that person to stay subscribed.

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