Medical Industry Email Marketing: Benchmarks and Best Practices

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In the medical industry, email marketing is all about engaging patients, both new and existing ones. It is important to not only grow your practice, but also your brand. One way to do this is through email marketing but how do you really know if your email marketing techniques are hitting the benchmark?

Why Should Your Practice Use Email Marketing?

Email marketing refreshes your patients, or prospective patients, on your services and brand with an entertaining tone. These are some reasons you want to be sure your email marketing is working well:

Emails Create a Conversation with Patients

Emails create awareness of your practice and can encourage patients to call your office by promoting special offers and information about services. This conversation works both ways – your patients or prospective clients can engage with links in your email that will take them to your site, surveys, or other promotional items.

Email Performance is Easy Measured

The benefit of online marketing is that you can see the response rate of recipients as it’s happening. DLM Insight is a cloud-based app that allows you to easily view these leads and track how quickly your staff is responding to leads, which is an important consideration in the success of your campaign. You can also use emails to test which offers and types of information generate the most responses, then use those strategies to build your brand.

Email is Affordable and Fast

Marketing that works well and doesn’t cost a lot of money is a huge incentive; this is why email marketing works so well. In a short amount of time, a set of emails can be created and scheduled out on a regular basis using our Marketing Automation system. With email automation, utilizing that system, specific email responses will be sent based on the user’s action. For example, when new patients sign up for your mailing list, a welcome email can be sent to them.

Testing Your Email Marketing

As you develop your email marketing, you may need to do a few trial runs to determine if your plan is on the right track. There are several tests we can run for this purpose: online subscriber growth, in-office subscriber growth, brand alignment, mobile responsiveness, average open rate, and average click-through rate.

Develop Your Email Marketing Strategy at DLM

At Digital Limelight Media, we are dedicated to helping you grow your business. Our team of marketing specialists will work with you to develop a personalized email marketing strategy that will keep patients coming and encourage new patients to call. To schedule a 15-minute demo of our services, contact us online or call (616) 222-3735.