The Importance of Trusting Your Marketing Team

Putting trust in your marketing team often plays a huge role in the success of your digital marketing strategy. Working with your marketing team and trusting in their expertise will lead to a better outcome in the long run.

Trust Your Experts

Team DLM includes experts in SEO, content writing, video, design, and more. While you likely understand the basics of many of these subjects, our team can work out the details for the best possible marketing strategy. You understand your patients and the services you provide them, while Team DLM has a broader perspective when it comes to the industry, your competition, and what works for other clients. Each department at DLM includes specialists who spend each day focusing on their niche.

Think about your website content, for example. You could write about your practice and the procedures you offer yourself, but our content team has advanced knowledge of what makes content optimized for SEO. We can bridge the gap between medical information and prospective patients to make sure your content is easy to understand for everyone while following practices that will help your page rank better in a Google search.

Save Time

Analyzing SEO, shooting or editing photos and videos, writing new content, and posting consistently to social media all take time. Your staff is busy working directly with patients, so it makes sense to let your marketing team take control of these tasks. When you put your trust in your marketing team to handle these tasks, you can save time for your in-house staff. A short amount of time to check in with your marketing specialist or review new material is all that’s required—let us handle the rest.

Choose a Marketing Team You Can Trust

Putting trust in your marketing team starts with choosing the best agency for you. When you’re just starting out, look for the following qualities:

Expertise and Knowledge

In addition to being experts in marketing, Team DLM focuses specifically on medical practices, from plastic surgery to dentistry to ophthalmology and more. This means that we are uniquely knowledgeable in what works for this industry’s digital marketing strategy. It also means that our website hosting, EMR Integration, and more is all HIPAA Compliant, protecting your patients’ information in ways that other marketing companies may not. 

Proven Results

Checking on the results your marketing team has achieved in the past is sure to instill confidence. Check out DLM’s past work in website design to see what we can do for your site, logo, content, and more. We continue to build trust with clients by providing performance metrics through DLM Insight. Using Insight, you can check on lead generation and response, website traffic, conversion rate, and more.

Understanding Your Budget

What works for a large practice in a major city isn’t always necessary for a smaller, family-run practice. At DLM, we understand that your marketing needs will vary, and so will your budget. Our team will recommendations that make sense for your unique strategy and fit within your budget.

Let’s Talk

Curious about digital marketing with Team DLM? Let’s talk. Give us a call at (616) 222-3735 or contact us online.