Why Buying Email Lists is Never a Good Idea

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When a company buys a list of names and email addresses based on certain demographics, they are buying an email list. This is highly discouraged, since there are other ways to create an email list that are just as easy but work more effectively without damaging your practice’s reputation.

Reasons You Should Not Buy an Email List

1. You Violate GDPR Rules

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has strict rules to protect data privacy. One of these rules is that you must have explicit consent before sending someone an email; this often takes the form of a checkbox that a person clicks to sign onto your email subscription list. If you are sending your emails to people’s addresses bought from a list, they have not given consent to receiving those emails and this could cause serious legal problems.

2. Damaging Your Reputation

Certain organizations set up spam traps in the form of fake email addresses. If you buy an email list, you could unknowingly buy one of these fake email addresses which will notify the company of your email list and mark it as spam. This will prevent your clients and subscribers who want to be on your email list from receiving your emails since they will automatically be put in the spam folder. Secondly, if you want to use email marketing software to automate your emails, a reputable service will require you to use opt-in email lists created by subscribers who have personally signed up for your list.

3. Lack of Personal Connection

Buying an email list adds subscribers who you don’t know and who probably won’t know you or your practice. If they do not know you or are uninterested in your services, those emails may just come across as annoying which will not benefit you or your practice. It is more worthwhile to take the time to encourage existing or potential clients to join your email list because these are the people most likely to engage with those emails.

4. Putting Your Email Account at Risk

Not only can you face legal trouble from buying an email list, but you may also risk trouble from your email service provider. Providers such as Gmail, Yahoo!, and Outlook do not want to be associated with spam accounts and could permanently close your account if they think you have been sending unwanted emails.

Creating Your Own Email List

An opt-in email list is created when clients opt-in (sign up) to your subscription list by checking a box asking to receive your emails. Building your own list protects your company and more effectively promotes it because you will gain an email list of people interested in your content. To encourage people to join your subscription list, you have to give them some incentives like a loyalty program with special rewards or access to a blog that can answer their cosmetic-related questions.

Protect Your Practice with An Opt-in Email List

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