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Top of funnel

Marketing Services

Whether people are looking for a prosthodontist for themselves or a loved one, they start by searching for terms like “dentures near me” or “prosthodontist in Boca Raton.” Top-of-the-funnel marketing means that your brand ranks as highly as possible for these searches so your name is one of the first things prospective patients see. DLM can help keep your website in top shape and optimized for high-value keywords to ensure people have a great first impression.

Web Design and Development

Seeking out a specialized dental provider can cause anxiety for some patients, but making a great first impression can go a long way toward helping them feel comfortable scheduling an appointment. Web design and good site speed can show patients that your practice is up-to-date and modern, unlike what they might expect from a dentist’s office.

Our professional designers and developers can create your ideal website using your specific branding needs. That way, your patients can see that you’ve put in the work to provide a great experience even before they set foot in the door.

Google Ads can be a great tool for prosthodontists looking to get their name out there. With targeted campaigns by our team, your practice name and location are put in front of hundreds of local searchers. Even if they don’t click on your ad, awareness pays off in the long term when prospective patients are more likely to look to your site when searching for services in your area.

Search Engine Optimization

Patients want to get the best experience for their money, and they’ll begin to narrow down their search as they learn more about their prosthodontics. They may search for more specific keywords like “do dental implants hurt” or “how much do dentures cost.”

Optimizing your website content for these questions by providing useful, relatable information can help your prospective patients feel at ease. After all, by finding answers to their questions on your website, they can feel confident you’ll fully answer their questions during an appointment.

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Provide your online visitors with an updated experience with a professional medical website designed by experts. Our team has provided beautiful, high-performance websites for many dental practices that you can see in our portfolio.

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Middle of funnel

Lead Management Services

Interactions between your patients and team are integral when it comes to helping your patients understand your unique approach to prosthodontics that they won’t find elsewhere. Managing existing patients can be time-consuming and disorganized, but our tools can help you elevate your team’s processes without extra hassle.


Trying to track patient information and outreach using spreadsheets can be messy at best – especially if you have a team dedicated to answering phones and reaching out to patients. DLM’s CRM tools can help automate this process, saving your team time and ensuring patients aren’t forgotten. Our CRM can incorporate texts, phone records, emails, and form submissions so your team can follow up appropriately and better manage your patients’ experience.

Review Management

Now more than ever, people use customer reviews as a way to vet products and services. Keeping your ratings as high as possible is difficult enough without it directly impacting the success of your practice. DLM Review allows you to manage your patient reviews and discreetly respond to negative reviews before they’re uploaded to your website. This helps you ensure patients aren’t turned away by fake or spam reviews you don’t have any control over.

Email and SMS Drip Automations

These days, patients almost always expect confirmation when they fill out a form online with their email or phone number. It can seem overwhelming for your staff to do this for every submission, but our CRM makes it easy to automate this process so you don’t even have to think about it. As soon as a lead enters your system, an automated email or SMS can be sent along with follow-ups at specific intervals. This helps maintain communication with prospective patients so they can get to know you and your practice before they arrive for their appointment.

Integrate all your lead sources Into one single place.

DLM’s CRM integrates all these lead sources in a single place, so your staff can create email campaigns, label lead stages, and track patient purchases without having to update countless spreadsheets.

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Bottom of funnel

ROI Reporting Services

Your new patient has completed their appointment and scheduled their next one. Now that payment has been submitted and everything has been entered into your EMR, there’s a lot you can do with the right tools. With our bottom-of-the-funnel strategies, you can make good use of this information and ensure your patients keep their appointments.

EMR Integration for Revenue Reporting

Our tools’ EMR integration can allow you to make your marketing efforts more targeted than ever with data-driven decision making. By tracking information like lifetime revenue and how your patients heard about you in the first place, you can narrow down your campaigns to patients who are most likely to respond. This means you spend fewer resources and get the biggest return on your investment.

Email Marketing

Chances are that your patients see you on a regular basis. Although this can work to your advantage, you know how frustrating it can be when patients don’t show up. Email and text marketing is a valuable tool that can help remind patients about their upcoming appointments at regular intervals, keeping your no-show rate low. It can also help your patients stay connected – and your patients will likely appreciate the reminders, too.

Janiga MDs Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Center

Custom Website and Video Marketing in Reno, NV

The Janigas' contracted DLM to help them brand and market their unique vision. DLM designed and rebranded the website as well as facilitated digital marketing and tracking.

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