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Top of funnel

Marketing Services

There are thousands of potential patients in your local area that would schedule appointments quickly if only they knew you exist and can provide the services they’re looking for. This is where top of funnel marketing is important: to increase awareness and create a memorable positive first impression. However, being easy to find is hard in the modern digital marketing world, which is why you deserve experts on your side to make your brand stand out.

Making your website 0.1 second faster can increase conversion rates by 5% or more.

Web Design and Development

These days, people expect every website they visit to be fast, functional, and beautiful. Any less than this will harm the experience a person has and make them less likely to reach out for more information or to schedule an appointment.

ENT websites on average become outdated within 3 to 5 years. Ensure your site looks and functions like a top-tier website with our expert designers and developers, who create new sites for medical practices like yours all the time.

Search Engine Optimization

Even the best-looking website needs a little help to compete with the top-ranking pages for Google searches like “ENT near me.” Our search engine optimization goals are to constantly refresh stale content and designs, make sure your most valuable services are easily findable, and keep your site easy to read for the all-important bots that index it for Google.

Search engine optimization involves a holistic understanding of your ENT SEO strategy as well as what makes great content for both human users and the algorithms that bring them relevant search results. Our SEO team is always ready to optimize your existing content and create new optimized content on a regular basis.

Google search ads can boost awareness by up to 80%.

Some experts say it can take up to 7 mentions of a brand before a person can recall it off the top of their head, that is, before it’s truly part of their awareness. Expand your reach to new patient lives with a comprehensive paid advertising strategy across multiple digital platforms. Our paid ads specialists constantly monitor the performance of your ad campaigns to shift focus toward the most successful results to ensure you don’t waste marketing dollars on efforts that aren’t getting you new appointments.

Our Website Portfolio

As marketing professionals with specific expertise designing medical websites, we’re able to handle any branding template that works for your specific industry. See our modern website designs and start envisioning what your practice’s ideal site might look like.

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Middle of funnel

Lead Management Services

Depending on their condition or goals, patients often need a little encouragement or just a simple reminder to bring them into the office for a treatment. This is what we call lead nurturing, and it’s something your office is doing already on a daily basis. Our marketing tools automate many of the common tasks you might be doing in multiple spreadsheets, reducing your staff’s tedious tasks and allowing them to focus more intently on caring for the people they interact with.


Our CRM brings all your patients and leads together in a single, secure database so your staff knows exactly what has been done for everyone who’s ever contacted you. Integrate your phone calls, contact forms, and appointments into a centralized platform to reduce dropped opportunities and streamline your patient acquisition process.

Otolaryngologist Review Management

Online reviews now mean as much to people searching for an ENT as a referral from a friend or family member. A single negative review can prevent dozens of people from considering your practice for their needs or concerns.

Put your best foot forward with DLM Review, a tool that automatically collects high-quality reviews of your practice from across the internet and allows you to handle poor reviews with your in-house process before it influences your reputation online.

59% of people say marketing emails have influenced their purchase behavior.

Email and SMS Tools for ENTs

With our email and texting tools, integrated with our CRM, you won’t have to worry about sending another follow-up email ever again. Set automated appointment reminders, introductory campaigns, and text notifications to save time and effort every day. Plus, take advantage of the high response rate of text messages while allowing anyone in the office to respond to any request or comment.

Integrate all your lead sources Into one single place.

DLM’s CRM integrates all these lead sources in a single place, so your staff can create email campaigns, label lead stages, and track patient purchases without having to update countless spreadsheets.

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Bottom of funnel

ROI Reporting Services

Marketing decisions for your ENT practice shouldn’t be made in a vacuum. Know exactly which efforts and channels are making revenue with our unique medical marketing reporting tools and automations. Get both qualitative and quantitative evidence of your most successful efforts and procedures to make data-driven decisions going forward.

EMR Integration for Revenue Reporting

Our CRM integrates with your EMR to track patient data from their first contact as a lead all the way to their payment, so you can see not only the lifetime value of patients but also how they came to find out about and choose your practice.

Email Marketing

With automated follow-up emails, you can schedule requests for reviews, feedback, and other information that people these days expect from their ENT. Reviews can be automatically synced with DLM Review on your website while the patient’s CRM entry is updated as well. This gives you a personal look at the most impactful procedures to create better content and buyer personas from real experiences.

Care Plastic Surgery

New Custom Website and Content in Cary, NC

We implemented a new website design and fresh content. Scalable SEO strategy leveraging Insight for keyword research and content organization. We analyzed baseline marketing ROI to understand opportunities. Set up drip campaigns and train staff on proper lead management utilizing CRM.

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