ROI Reporting

Revenue Reporting

We integrate with the leading EMR systems to provide 1:1 seamless integration and report on marketing revenue. 

How Do You Report on Revenue?

We have developed partnerships with the leading EMR systems. These partnerships allow us to automatically access the patient information so we can match it against your leads in real time. This allows us to show you the true ROI for each of your marketing attribution channels. 

It is obvious why this is so important. If we are able to identify marketing ROI in real time then we can make quicker and more accurate decisions for our practices. That is the primary difference between us and our competitors. 

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How Do You Integrate?

Our preferred method of integration is through API. However if the EMR does not have an API, we can access the data via SQL or through automated scheduled reports in CSV. Depending on the partnership we have with the EMR these methods may vary.

Is it Safe?

Protecting PHI is our number one prioriity. We follow strict quidelines to ensure the protection of patient data on behalf of the practice. We also require a BAA to be singed on behalf of our company and the practice. We would be happy to discuss the compliance with you over the phone.

How DLM Can Help

If you are looking for more accurate results from your marketing and really want to know what works, then contact us today. 

We were the first to market with EMR integration and ROI reporting and we have some of the most concrete partnerships in this vertical. 

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