New Season – New Host | Welcome Julia

Welcome back to season 2 of The Limelight Podcast. This season we have a lot of new additions we’re excited to share with you all. Not only are we introducing new segments, but we’re also building around key subject categories, which you’ll start to get more familiar with.

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Leverage EMR Data To Better Understand Your Marketing Efforts

You should always be aware of what marketing efforts your practice is spending time and money on are actually working. This goes beyond website hits and page views, instead tracking real dollars that are coming into your practice from digital or print advertising or even word of mouth. Integrating your EMR with your marketing software is the first place to start getting better data to make better marketing decisions.

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Prevent Patient Attrition by Avoiding These 4 Patient Experience Mistakes

You can't grow your practice if every new patient you bring in is followed by one less patient showing up for an appointment. Learn four common ways medical practices might be failing to deliver an exceptional patient experience to help reduce the number of cancellations or no-shows that are hindering your growth.

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Start Using Call Tracking Phone Numbers

Enhance both your patients' experience and your understanding of your marketing efforts with call tracking software that works for you. Keep your area code and expand your advertising channels to make data-driven decisions that help your practice grow.

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What’s The Best Tool For Medical Practices?

When you're looking for an all-in-one marketing solution for your medical practice, there are a lot of options, from mainstream providers to niche or local companies. Here's a reminder of what to be thinking about and looking for in a medical marketing software.

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