How to Use Digital Advertising, The Smart Way

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Earlier this year, HubSpot Research did some digging on how people respond to digital advertising. Their findings: people are going out of their way to avoid online ads. They found that most people online avoid ads because they find them annoying or intrusive, the ads disrupt what they are doing, or they create security concerns.

When it comes to ads, some are received better than others. HubSpot conducted some of their own research on this topic, and found that email newsletters and sponsored LinkedIn posts were the best received out of all other forms of ads. They found that email newsletters are less pushy, in that people can choose to unsubscribe whenever they desire. Sponsored Linkedn ads are not disruptive, and don’t bother you with asking you to buy anything.

This research can teach businesses that consumers are looking for certain things in ads. Some tips for using digital advertising smartly include:

  • Focusing on social advertising, like the well-received ads discussed above.
  • Adding value to your ads. Make sure that your ad’s information is useful to the audience and not just pushing them to purchase something.
  • Target smartly. Be sure to target audiences in a way that will add value to their lives. For example, by setting up ads on Facebook to only appear to users who would be interested in them, you are more likely to get clicks.

Making sure that you are reaching the right audience at the right time and place are major factors in successful advertising. Following these tips can help in using digital advertising, the smart way!


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