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Social media is an effective way to engage with patients and expand your online presence. Many businesses are told that social media marketing is not worth the time and effort, but a carefully-curated social media marketing campaign by our team can bring in real gains in bottom line revenue for your practice. Effective social media marketing requires a targeted and experienced approach in a market saturated with options in any given patient’s feed. At DLM, we can help get your posts where they’re needed most to boost web traffic and ensure your patients wind up in the right place.

Why Social Media Marketing Matters

Social media has changed drastically (even within the last few years) and will continue to do so. It’s now the primary way that people interact with each other and the brands they care about, meaning there’s no excuse for not taking advantage of this huge opportunity to bring your brand directly to your patients’ feeds. When you forego promoting your brand and reputation on social media, your prospective patients will discover other practices in your area. Running a business can be a busy job, though, so we can help. Our social media team can create a wide-reaching content strategy that hits your focuses and translates into revenue for your practice.

Organic Posts

Customized, eye-catching content carries your brand to your followers. The backbone of social media, your patients interact with you and your practice when you produce engaging, educating posts about your technologies and services that solidify their decision-making process. This creates meaningful relationships, showcasing your practice’s culture and personality to bring in new patients and keep previous ones coming back. Our team can also deliver patient reviews, before-and-after photos, and practice updates to build trust in your brand and expertise.

Promoted Posts

Reaching your followers is only the first step. Reaching new audiences means reaching prospective patients and driving site traffic where it matters most. Opting out of promoted posts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram means users see your competitors’ ads instead— and organic post reach is on the decline, making it harder than ever to compete for space on your patients’ feeds. Managing ad campaigns requires expertise, however, so our team can ensure your paid content drives site traffic from each of your social media platforms.

Advanced Tracking

Even the best posts don’t mean much when they don’t translate into conversions. Using incorporated tracking metrics in Facebook and Instagram, as well as Google Analytics, we can track your website traffic resulting from paid ad campaigns to measure effectiveness and create new strategies to boost your social media presence.

How DLM Can Help

Our social media strategy process begins with determining your goals and focuses for your social media accounts. Then, we can create a customized organic content calendar that incorporates your business goals for specific services, brand awareness, and follower engagement. We can also generate and monitor paid advertisement campaigns to track conversion rates and optimize your social media presence to reach new patients in your area and effectively compete for clicks.

Whether you want a hands-on approach to your social media presence or not, our team offers years of experience in social media marketing and the latest knowledge in rapidly-changing social media trends. Working in tandem with our design and content teams, we can extend your brand to your favorite social media platforms to engage with your patients and build meaningful relationships.

Let's Get Started

We’re excited to create the social media marketing plan that fits you and your goals, ensuring you reach your audiences with relatable, quality content. By partnering with our team, you’re taking your brand to the next level by meeting potential patients where they’re at their best. To get started, contact us by calling or filling out our online form.

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