What are Organic Search Results?

The Ultimate SEO Checklist for Medical Practices

SEO for medical practices is a little different than a normal business.

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What’s the big deal with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Over here at Digital Limelight Media (DLM), we talk a lot about SEO and optimizing your digital marketing strategy to ultimately drive leads. But how do we get from writing a blog or utilizing meta titles and descriptions to seeing a patient in the office? The answer lies in organic search results. So what are organic search results and why are organic search results important?

What are Organic Search Results?

There are two types of search results: paid and organic. As the name implies, organic search results gain their authority naturally through a number of relevant factors, determined by the search browser being utilized. These results are often seen as the best and most trustworthy sites for users to choose from. On the other hand, paid results are business listings people have paid money for to skip the line and target specific users.

What is an example of organic search vs. paid search? A paid search result will be at the very top of a search engine results page (SERP), denoted by a small green box that says AD. Alternatively, organic search results will be directly under the paid ads with no green box present. While some people pay-to-play with paid ads, organic search results are the preferred type.

Why do Organic Search Results Matter?

Users Trust Organic Results Over Paid Results

Users have come to trust the Google algorithm will serve them the best result possible according to their search query. Thus, organic results are seen as more trustworthy than someone hoping to skip the line and pay for their ad to be seen first. While organic results are preferred, paid ads can still be part of a healthy SEO strategy

Organic Search Results Foster Digital Word-of-Mouth

A major factor of organic search results is purely getting your name out there. Whether people simply glance over your listing or click through to your site, this is aiding in word-of-mouth (thought to be the strongest form of advertising). This also makes it relevant to maintain high rankings, as people often don’t click past the first SERP.

Organic Search Results Drive Traffic and Foster Lead Generation

Ultimately, your goal is to see your business succeed. Whether this means online sales, scheduled appointments, or a healthy email list– organic search results are going to help you get there. A robust digital marketing strategy utilizes SEO tactics to boost organic search results. As SEO improves, your ranking in organic search results will rise, putting your site in front of more eyes and driving traffic to create leads. 

How to Improve Organic Search Results

Create an SEO Strategy

Healthy search engine rankings rely on many factors including keywords, content, user experience, site speed, and much more. There are many paths to developing an SEO strategy that generates the results you desire. Choosing which SEO avenues to pursue will help you focus on what makes sense for your business’s individual needs.

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Maintaining a healthy website that performs well delivers and results can be a full time job. If you’re wanting to take the plunge into prioritizing organic search results, or interested in digital marketing as a whole, DLM offers a wide range of digital marketing services to prioritize your website, create efficiency, and gain leads. Let’s review your goals together and start working. Let’s go.