What’s the Difference Between a Custom and Customizable Site?

What’s the Difference Between a Custom and a Customizable Site?

Learn the difference between two types of website solutions.

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When thinking about your new website, it can be easy to get caught up in the result rather than the journey. The fact is, there are plenty of decisions to make along the way before your website goes live – the most basic of which is what type of website is best for your needs. There are plenty of ways to draw up a website, but it’s important to know that not all ways are created equal. The route by which you create your site can be the difference between a mediocre one and a great one – or, the difference between a custom site and a customizable one. Here’s what to know about these two types and which one is best for your business.

Customizable Sites Are Based On Templates

Customizable sites begin with a host like WordPress where you can select from a variety of different templates. These templates allow you to easily build a site from preselected fonts, layouts, color schemes, photos, and more. Customizable sites are a quick and easy way to make a consistently attractive website if you don’t have any website building experience. They also allow you to easily exchange things like photos, layouts, or content based on your needs. With the right template, chances are your site will be decent and provide a good user experience.

Customizable sites, however, can be cookie-cutter. Because it’s easy to set up a decent site using templates on widely used hosts like WordPress, it’s likely that your site will be similar in some ways to other existing sites. Ultimately, everyone winds up with a different combination of the same ingredients. It won’t be unique, nor will it allow you to make it totally unique. With a customizable site, you can only make changes within the preset template which simply takes your assets and plugs them in. This comes at a cost, too – you’ll be paying to host your website and use the template, as well as the ability to make changes.

Custom Sites Are Built From the Ground Up

A custom site begins with a discussion with your marketing team to determine your needs from a website – then, it’s built completely from scratch. This includes design elements like a logo and color scheme, content elements like text, video, and gallery photos; and user elements like site layout and accessibility. In short, you’ll oversee every aspect of your custom site creation and offer input at every step. Because custom sites are truly unique, they’re designed to impress. Your customers can associate your brand with its own one-of-a-kind website, just like they would associate your practice with its own one-of-a-kind approach and services.

There are many more benefits that come with custom sites, like better technical support, marketing expertise, customized search engine optimization campaigns, better rank results, and the ability to customize your site to your exact needs. In short, a custom site comes with an experienced team to support every aspect of your new site along the way, even after launch. Your marketing specialist can guide you through the best ways to deliver your site to patients and track your results. Overall, it’s hard to beat custom sites when it comes to making an investment in your business as a whole.

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