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Custom Medical Content Writing

Content writing is the cornerstone for any decent marketing agency. Content is in everything that we do as a company. It is the foundation for SEO, email marketing campaigns, SMS campaigns, traditional advertising, and paid advertising campaigns. Without good content your marketing results will be less than satisfying.

What Are the Different Types of Content?

Our content team writes a variety of content for our medical practices. This ranges from website content to promotional content for print and digital advertisements. If you are looking for a team that understands how to write medical content with very little guidance, then we are your team. We have been at this for over 10 years!

Types of Content

SEO Content
Marketing Campaign Content
Paid Marketing Content
Traditional Print Content

Our Content Process

 We can’t stress how important content is for good SEO results. Our content team spends most of their time working on content strategies that help our clients crush their competition. These strategies change often as the Google Algorithm changes often. We write Blogs, FAQ’s, Procedure Pages, Location Targeted Pages, etc.

Putting together thoughtful automated email content to leads will help you convert more leads into appointments. But where does the messaging come from? The DLM content team. We run campaigns via email and SMS all the time. The success of those campaigns live and die in the messaging.

Have you ever ran a paid ad campaign without putting any thought into the call to action? Yea, I didn’t think so. All the paid ad campaigns we run for our clients need kick ass messaging. If they don’t then your results will be terrible. Let our team whip up some killer content that will convert.

Do you need business card, brochures, letterheads, etc? Many of our practices need this information updated from time to time. When we take on these projects, we lead on our content team to organize the messaging to make sure it is concise and accurate. Once the content is put together, we send it over to design to make it look good!

What Can I Expect Each Month?

This depends on your services with DLM. If you have SEO as a service, you can expect 4 hours of content writing per month. The strategy will vary based on the Google Algorithm. If you have services for marketing campaigns and paid advertising, then we have you covered for the messaging. If you want us to design a new brochure, no worries we will make the content stand out.

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