Why A Healthcare Marketing Consultant Can Save Your Practice Money

Leverage EMR Data To Better Understand Your Marketing Efforts

Many practices don't know where their marketing dollars are going.

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Are you a medical practice leader who’s sick of seeing slow growth in revenue and new patients? It may be time to turn to a trusted medical marketing consultant to help you get your strategy on track. Consultants are like practices in that no two providers of service are alike. This means you have a great opportunity to meet a consultant who perfectly matches your goals and idiosyncrasies to achieve what you aren’t able to achieve on your own.

Here are four ways a healthcare marketing consultant can help your practice.

1. Reduce Wasted Spend

If you’re completing marketing tasks in-house, it’s probably costing your practice in more ways than you think. The hours you spend strategizing, getting buy-in and creating marketing campaigns as simple as a Google search ad or as detailed as direct mailers take your attention away from what matters most: enhancing the patient experience.

Not only are you spending money on the materials and ads that may or may not be effective, but you’re also losing money in the opportunity cost of time away from patients. With a marketing consultant at your service, all this happens in the background, meaning you save a lot of money and time (not to mention effort) and only think about marketing when making big decisions.

2. Build An Effective Strategy

Effective marketing strategies are built on robust sets of data about how your previous campaigns have performed and how your competitors are doing. Do you have this data? More importantly, do you have the time to look over the data and come up with a proven strategy for the coming weeks and months?

A marketing consultant firm already has this data and can build a customized marketing plan that uses high-return channels to get you more clients and more revenue. On top of that, they will review your data regularly to make sure you keep getting the best ROI for your efforts as the landscape changes and patients give valuable qualitative feedback.

3. Increase Conversions

In many cases, office staff receive tons of leads from your marketing efforts through the website, with phone calls, and cold emails to your practice. But without a centralized platform to handle all this information, many leads slip through the cracks, meaning a potential opportunity that your marketing earned doesn’t convert into a paying customer. Increase conversion rates from all your marketing channels with a healthcare marketing consultant who can track leads all the way through your EMR to give you the most important insights into who pays the most and where they come from.

4. Negotiate Better Rates

The most competitive healthcare consultants understand the market rates for their expertise and want to make sure you pick them with low rates and high-value contracts. If you’re currently working with a marketing firm that you’ve been with for years, it’s possible you’re locked into a retainer that’s no longer effective for your budget. Shop around for a new healthcare marketing consultant to see how much you might be able to save with a new expert on your side.

Healthcare Marketing Services by DLM

Do you want experts who can take the tedious tasks off your team’s plate? How about a unified platform that collects all your marketing data and analytics and allows your team to log in from anywhere to answer lead forms and convert patients? If so, DLM Insight may be right for you. With dozens of integrations and customization options, our medical marketing software helps practices all over the country streamline their marketing and get back to what matters most: caring for patients.

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