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DLM offers responsive email and text marketing solutions with compelling messages that catch readers’ attention. Email and text marketing is an excellent strategy to send out newsletters, event notifications, and special promotions, which connects with our clients’ audience in a direct way. Email and text marketing is a cost-effective technique to generate additional revenue and improve brand awareness and retention.


Our team of designers create custom email and texts tailored to your practice. Every campaign is designed with the audience in mind. From promotional emails to fundamental newsletters, DLM email and text campaigns look phenomenal on any viewing medium, including desktop, tablet, and phones. We also represent your practice and brand with attention-grabbing subject lines that maximizes your campaigns conversion rate.



DLM automatically manages our clients’ email and text lists, so they don’t have to. Our campaigns can even target segment lists to engage with particular individuals on your subscriber list. We make email and text marketing easy and effective by managing lists, campaign statistics, minimizing unsubscribes, and more.



DLM offers real-time reports from your email and text campaigns. We track open rates, clicks, and more to learn the effectiveness of your campaigns and make adjustments to optimize this marketing strategy. By monitoring open rates, bounce rates, and click through rates, we are able to improve the overall performance of your campaign. Email and text marketing is an excellent way to connect with new and existing patients, strengthen relationships, generate revenue, and increase brand recognition in a simple, straightforward way.

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