DLM tracks website visitors before you even know their name. We monitor your website visitor's touch points while they engage with your content. We know if a lead visited Facebook, Realself, or your Website. From there, we can send them targeted emails and messages based on their interests. Lead management is about sending the right message at the right time. DLM's expertise in the medical industry has allowed us to develop the most comprehensive lead management tool this industry has to offer. This is one way DLM helps convert your website traffic into revenue.

Don't let your leads go to waste!

Your prospective patients create their own digital footprint. It is up to you to put yourself in their path. DLM helps leverage digital and traditional marketing campaigns to drive more leads from custom-built landing pages.

When a visitor submits a lead on our clients' websites, they are required to enter necessary information. By collecting this information, we then have the ability to custom-tailor content to these leads in future communication based on the 'Procedure of Interest'. This technique allows DLM to help your practice identify qualified leads and convert them into consultations.

DLM monitors your leads and reviews them accordingly to inform your practice of a hot lead based on the involvement with the content we send them. As a lead continues to engage with content, their quality score increases, and your practice will be notified of the urgency of which to follow up with that lead. During this process, all the designs and creative work will be produced by DLM.

Prove your marketing ROI by tracking what matters most for your practice. DLM reporting will show you exactly where your patients are coming from, how many pages they visited, which emails they opened, and what social media channels they engage with. This allows us to provide close looped reporting to your practice.