Website Hosting


Websites will only excel if its website hosting service is dependable. At DLM, we utilize reliable, high-performance hosting for all of our clients' sites. With our secure hosting technique, we ensure your site will be live, functional, and managed properly. 


DLM's server is dependable, offering zero downtime, so your patients can find your beautifully designed website anytime. The blazing-fast server allows our sites to have a balanced load-time, faster and more responsive designs, which creates a user-friendly experience that will convert visitors into leads. We also offer 24/7 website security to ensure predictable and safe outcomes for your site. Put your trust into our reliable web hosting and your site will be up and ready for anyone, anywhere and at anytime. 


With our web hosting, DLM also manages emails for your practice so you don't have to. Using Google Apps for Business, our website management process is efficient and compliant to reach your ROI success. You know you're in good hands when DLM integrates distinguished and reputable strategies, such as Google Apps for Business and secure web hosting techniques. 

You take care of patients we'll handle your site!