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Over the last decade we have identified the primary weakness of most practices, and no it is not marketing. It is properly managing the leads that come in off of the marketing you spend money on.

Profitability Starts With Lead Response

Do you currently know exactly when your leads are being called or emailed? Do you know how many call or email attempts each lead is receiving? Do you know what percentage of your SEO, Social, Paid Ad leads convert into an appointment by referral source? Do you have a strategy in place to follow-up with leads that either did not answer an email or call or said contact me later?

If you answered no to any of these, then your life is in peril. Kidding, then you need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to help your practice stay organized with lead management.

DLM created a custom-built CRM that is developed specifically for private medical practices and aesthetic practices. This application is developed as a part of DLMInsight and carries a separate fee. Don’t worry it is affordable. We call this additional component DLM CRM. I get it, that is original for a creative marketing company. What can I say, we wanted to keep this simple? Anyway, DLM CRM is an intuitive application that allows your staff to email, SMS, and call leads directly out of one user interface. As your staff communicates with leads they can progress the lead to various stages such as: new opportunity, contacted, scheduled appointment, not interested, not qualified, or call back later. Each of these stages are displayed in a super simple Kanban board so practices can quickly see what their sales funnel looks like.

What is Lead Management and How Can DLM CRM Help?

Lead management goes beyond initial outreach. If a lead says they want to be followed up within two months, your staff can add notes to that patient contact record and setup a reminder task for that specific time. At which point they will be notified on the day they are supposed to follow up.

Operationally, DLM CRM is a tool that will help address the inconsistencies of current lead management. It will also arm you and your managers with relevant data on lead conversion rates by referral source as well as staff performance and response rates to new opportunities.

If you opt to do EMR integration, DLM CRM will push the call, SMS, and Email information into the patient record within your EMR. Yes, you read that correctly. We can talk to your EMR. If you opt out of EMR Integration, rest assured you will not be doing any double entry, because the majority of practices don’t enter leads into EMR or scheduling systems until they book an appointment anyway.

DLM CRM also offers the ability to automate initial communications to prospective leads. For example, if a lead comes in from the website. We can have an initial email welcoming them to the practice, as well as an SMS message requesting their consent to SMS them in the future. We will also send a notification to the staff to call the prospective lead and if the lead consents to SMS that is updated accordingly on the contact record. I know it is a mouthful, but the opportunity is huge. If you manage leads better, you will get more appointments if you get more appointments you will make more money. That is the underlying message.

How DLM Can Help

If you are interested in learning more about marketing automation, click here. We can build our custom automation workflows for the practice so that they naturally fit into your current flow.

Stop working off random spreadsheets that are outdated and over complicated and work in a CRM that is built for your workflow. Contact us if you want to learn more about this.

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